Friday, September 08, 2006

The Biggest Lie of Feminism

Is that women want equality. Women have never wanted equality. Equality would mean that women would actually be held to the same standards as men and couldn't depend on male protection any more. Women's equality in politics, in the workplace, in the world is a mirage based on tolerance and workplace employment shortages.

What women really want is to test male boundaries enough for men to show they care enough to restrain them. What feminists want is to be perpetual victims, to always complain about how unequal they are, how many thousands of women are raped every nanosecond, how many female characters on tv shows have large boobs instead of underarm hair and how the patriarchy makes it impossible for girls to become the next Albert Einstein (which feminists would be againist anyway since science is just another tool of the patriarchy (tool yet another patriarchal phallic reference you just can't get away from them))

Feminist represent the shriller, hysterical side of female character that never takes responsibility for anything and looks for a man to shift the blame for on anything. Feminism is nothing more than the three women who sit around bitching after a breakup, except the breakup has been going on for decades without any interruption. And men's response to feminism is the same as men's response to those women. Some men turn into masochistic lapdogs and most men just get tired of putting up with their shit.

That sums up men's response to feminism. Most men are just tired of putting up with that shit.

(Blog now in bright pink color to make it more female friendly)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Men and Women Are Different

Men and Women Are Different

Women suck. Sometimes literally. (That's when you like them.)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Reason #676 Men & Women Are Different

Like most red blooded American men, I'm really into hardcore pornography. I can't tell you how many times I've been fired from jobs because I couldn't stop looking at the stuff on the Internet at work. You should see my video collection; it cost me a fortune to upgrade all of my favorites to DVD a couple of years ago.

But I've learned one thing the hard way--most women do not share my fascination with hardcore pornography.

Once I had been dating this girl for a couple of months (that's like a record for me), and I was ready to pop the question: "Will you watch a porno with me?" Much to my surprise, she was kind of turned on by the suggestion. I was so excited and wanted to make it so special that I decided to break open a movie I had just gotten the other day (sorry, I don't know what the title was because it was written in some eastern European language that I don't know). And, boy, it was a good one (like with regular movies, foreigners really do it better, call me a snob)! But we were only about five minutes into the midget bukkake scene when she stormed out of the room. At first I was like, "What a cock tease!" She stopped returning my phone calls and slapped a fricking restraining order on me. Some people are so prudish.

Well, anyway, that's my contribution on how men and women are different.

Our Nation's Currency Has Been Corrupted!

Try this experiment: Look at a dollar bill. What do you see? No, the other side, not the satanic one with the creepy eye!

There's a man with A WIG on it!!!

This is an outrage. I am writing my representives to get this FILTH of my money. I do not pay TAXE$ to be offended!

They should put George W. Bush on all the dollars. Who else would be good? Suggest some real men because I just loooked at my $20 and there's a guy wearing a wig on that too! WHEN did this happen?

Deliniating My Last Post, To Help You Ascertain What I Meant.

I believe in freedom. Freedom means people have the right to express themselves, including their sense of gender, which is in their pants. You have the right to dress up in froo-fraws and dingles, be a "Hello I Am Mrs. Whatever", if you like. But you do not have the right to get in my face about it. And my face covers a lot of territory!!!!!

When you start making me (OR MY KIDS) uncomfortable, you have declared war on Culture&Tradition, and we (Americans) do not have to stand for that. So if you want to be a Transvestite or a Butchy Bitch or whatever you call it nowadays, well, you'd better get your trucker's license or a ham radio set. Need I say more?

I didn't think so.

Androgyny Is Wrong

Just look what it did to Boy George! He got on the heroin!